Can I file both state and city taxes with PriorTax?

PriorTax allows you to file both resident and nonresident state tax returns in all fifty states. After you’re finished with your federal return, PriorTax will import the relevant information into your state return to make completing it as simple as possible. Alternately, if you’ve already filed a federal return and just need to complete a state return, you can do that with PriorTax as well.

Unfortunately, you cannot file city taxes with PriorTax. For a few cities, such as New York City and Baltimore, the city taxes actually comprise a section of the state return and you file both at the same time. But if you owe city taxes that are not included as part of a state tax return, you cannot file with PriorTax. The best course of action in this situation is to file directly with your city’s tax authority.

Refer to our blog post for more information.