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Capital Gains and Losses - Schedule D

Attach Schedule D to your 1040 to report your capital gains and losses.

Starting in 2011 there is a new form that also deals with capital gains and losses, Form 8949 [Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets]. For taxes from a year prior to 2011, you will still need to report everything on Schedule D. But for 2011, complete both Schedule D and Form 8949.

Starting in 2011 complete Form 8949 first to report

  • the sale or exchange of capital assets
  • gains from involuntary conversions of capital assets, and
  • nonbusiness bad debts

  • Then complete Schedule D to report

  • overall gain or loss from Form 8949
  • gains from Form 2439 [Notice to Shareholder of Undistributed Long-Term Capital Gains], Form 6252 [Installment Sale Income], or Part I of Form 4797 [Sales of Business Property]
  • gains or losses from Form 4684 [Casualties and Thefts], Form 6781 [Gains and Losses from Section 1256 Contracts and Straddles], or Form 8824 [Like-Kind Exchanges]
  • gains or losses from a partnership, S corporation, estate, or trust
  • capital gain distributions not reported directly on your 1040
  • capital loss carryover from the previous year