PriorTax | IND-032-01


Your spouse's prior year PIN, electronic filing PIN, or prior year AGI amount in the return must match what the IRS has on file in the e-file database. 


Fix #1: Sign into your PriorTax account and make sure that the PIN or AGI entered is correct. If not, you can update this information right from your rejection status page and resubmit for filing.


Fix #2: Sign into your PriorTax account and follow the instructions provided on your rejection status page to complete Form 8879 to file your return.


Fix #3: You may need to paperfile your tax return this year to obtain an AGI or PIN for next tax year. You can sign into your PriorTax account to print, sign, and mail your return to the IRS.



  • Enter zero for your spouse's AGI amount.