PriorTax | SEIC-F1040-501-02


The SSN and last name of the qualifying child for the earned income credit (EIC) do not match what is on file with the IRS and Social Security Administration. You must update this information in order to qualify for the EIC. 


Fix #1: Sign into your PriorTax account and double check the SSN and full name you provided for your qualifying child. If it was incorrectly reported, you can update this information from your rejection status page. You can then resubmit for filing.


Fix #2: If the information you provided initially seems to be correct to the best of your knowledge, then you may need to paper file your return this year. You should also contact the Social Security Administration to see that the information in their database is correct.


Fix #3: If you do not have a valid SSN for the qualifying child, you can remove them from your tax return on your rejection status page. You can then resubmit your return without claiming the EIC for that child.