PriorTax | What are people saying about PriorTax?

What are people saying about PriorTax?

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about the service they received with PriorTax.

“OMG, PriorTax was the easiest program I have EVER used. The step by step sections and questions were quick and easy to understand. THANK YOU for making it so simple.”

~Daren from Indiana

“I found PriorTax easy to use and calculated over 100% more refund than doing it myself. I did use the email assistance and received a very quick response. Thank you!”

~Diane from California

“I first tried TurboTax, and they said I would get nothing back, may have cost money but you get way more money back. Plus the loading time for the pages on this site are much swifter and cleaner. Will recommend to everyone.”

~Julie from Arizona

“This is the fifth year we have used your online service to file our taxes. We started when we were almost three years behind in filing. You made it easy to catch up even though we were paralyzed with fear and didn’t know what to do because we were so behind. Once we were caught up, it has been easy to stay on track with your software ‘holding our hand’ as we go through the process. Thank you for easing our tax-filing burden!”

~Nolen from Alabama

“It was great to have my information auto fill from prior tax year filing information. Using this service was like having a CPA. Very detailed tax review. I was also very pleased with the pricing.”

~Marinda from Texas

“Your program saved me. I had procrastinated and not done my taxes for 2006, 2008, 2009, or 2010. Somehow I did 2007, anyway I found your site and was able to do my 2006 taxes right before I got into real trouble with the IRS. Since then I have now done the rest of my taxes with you!! Thanks.”

~Jennifer from Georgia

“As confusing as the IRS is, has simplified and assisted me all the way through this grueling process. Thank you!”

~Kimberly from Georgia

“Very easy to use! I was able to download info from previous returns and zip right through! They also found more credits than I did when I tried to go it alone!”

~Matthew from Georgia

“I enjoyed how super easy it was to prepare my tax return. I didn’t have to wait in line and I didn’t have to drag the kids along with me! Thank you for making it easy, convenient and inexpensive.”

~Diana from Arizona

“Filing last year’s tax return was a breeze!”

~Jennifer from Texas