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Basic Package

  • Individual Filers
  • Wage & Salary Income
  • Unemployment Income
  • Interest & Dividends Income
  • Earned Income Credit without a Qualifying Child
Start Filing $9.95

Deluxe Package

  • Retirement Income
  • Above the Line Deductions
  • Itemized Deductions
  • Dependent & Child Tax Credits
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Education Credits
Start Filing $24.95

Premier Package

  • Income from Stocks & Capital Gains
  • Business Income from self-employment & sole proprietorship
  • Rental Income
  • Alternative Minimum Tax
Start Filing $34.95

Platinum Package

  • Income from shares in an LLC, C, or S Corporation
  • Income from Partnerships, Estates, & Trusts
Start Filing $49.95

Additional Services

Complete Additional Services

Our Complete Additional Services package includes:
  • Full Professional Review
  • Professional Bound File Copy
  • Long Term Safeguarding
  • Audit Protection
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State Tax Return*

Our Tax Application supports the filing of State and Multiple State Tax Returns.
*State only or additional state return price is $34.99. State tax refunds will be received directly from the state. The Refund Transfer option is not applicable to state only returns.

Fee From Refund*

With our Fee From Refund option no credit card payment is required. Your fees can be conveniently deducted directly from your refund.

*An additional transmitter fee of $27 applies.

IRS Payment Plan

File an installment agreement request to the IRS to pay off your tax liability. After filing, you will be notified by the IRS of the approval status of your IRS Payment Plan.

*This option is subject to additional fees by the IRS for a one-time user fee of $52 to process the installment agreement by direct withdrawal, and $105 for monthly checks or to have the amount deducted from your paycheck.

CPA Review

One of our certified public accountants will address your specific tax situation during a personalized consultation, paying close attention to the deductions and credits you may claim to boost your tax refund or reduce the tax you owe. If you request the CPA Review for more than one year, your second year price is $89.95.

Professional Review

A tax professional trained in tax accounting will review your tax return preparation for any error or oversight that could increase your inherent risk of an income tax audit by the IRS or a state agency.

Professionally Bound File Copies

Within 3 weeks of the IRS acceptance, you will receive a professionally bound file copy of your tax return.

3 Year Long Term Safeguarding

We will ensure that your tax information is safe with us for as long as the IRS requires you to keep your tax return.

3 Year Audit Defense

Have peace of mind. In the unfortunate incident of an IRS audit, we will serve as your representative to the Examination Division of the IRS. Most audits happen after 1 year and the statute of limitations is 3 years. So, our service provides you with full protection.