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Prior Year Pricing

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  • Federal Return Package


    Features included:
    • Federal return preparation.
    • Free tax advice via email, live chat, and phone.
    • All the features that our tax program supports except for Schedule K-1.
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  • State Return Package


    Features included:
    • State return preparation.
    • Special state additions, subtractions, credits, etc.
    • Automatic credit for taxes paid to other states.
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  • Combined State & Federal Package


    Features included:
    • Federal Return Package.
    • State Return Package.
    • A savings of almost 40%
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Additional Services

Business Tax Return Package


Features included:

  • If you received income in a prior year from a partnership, trust, or LLC, or from owning shares in a corporation, and need to report it you must upgrade to our Business package.
  • The IRS forms we support for this purpose are Schedule K-1 Forms 1065, 1041, & 1120S.
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Prior Year 2021 and 2022 E-File


We are able to e-file the two preceding prior tax years, which are currently 2021 and 2022.

Tax Return Amendment


If you need a previously filed tax return to be amended, we can help you. Current PriorTax customers who want to correct a mistake on their return can request it to be amended for $39.95. If you did not file your tax return with us, the fee to have it amended is $99.95.

Please note: You must call us if you wish to amend your return. In addition: amended returns cannot be e-filed. They must be downloaded, printed, and signed before being mailed to the IRS or state.

CPA Review


One of our certified public accountants will address your specific tax situation during a personalized consultation, paying close attention to the deductions and credits you may claim to boost your tax refund or reduce the tax you owe. If you request the CPA Review for more than one year, your second year price is $99.95.

Professional Tax Return Review


A tax professional trained in tax accounting will review your tax return preparation for any error or oversight that could increase your inherent risk of an income tax audit by the IRS or a state agency.

IRS Payment Plan


File an installment agreement request to the IRS to pay off your tax liability. After filing, you will be notified by the IRS of the approval status of your IRS Payment Plan.

*This option is subject to additional fees by the IRS for a one-time user fee of $52 to process the installment agreement by direct withdrawal, and $105 for monthly checks or to have the amount deducted from your paycheck.

Three Year Audit Defense


In the unforeseen event of an audit, we will represent your case before the Examination Division of the IRS.

Professionally Bound File Copies


Your tax return will be professionally bound for you to keep for your records.

Three Year Long Term Safeguarding


Your tax information will be kept safe with us for as long as the IRS requires you to keep a copy of your tax return.

Complete Services Package


All the benefits of our additional services in one package at a $20 discount:

Includes: Professional Review • Professional Bound File Copies • 3 Year Long Term • Safeguarding & Audit Protection.