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File 2007 Taxes Online

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PriorTax makes it easy to take care of your 2007 taxes.

Start Your 2007 Tax Return

2007 tax returns cannot currently be E-Filed. You may still prepare a 2007 tax return online to file by mail. *

* The IRS does not allow electronic filing of prior year tax returns, and the deadline for 2007 electronic filing has passed on October 15, 2008. You may still prepare your 2007 taxes using our website. Once you submit a prior year tax return to us, one of our tax professionals will review your information and provide you with a printable version of your tax return to mail to the IRS.

Don't stress out about 2007 taxes. Taking care of late taxes is easy on PriorTax.

  • Our online tax application is free to try
  • Complete the step-by-step instructions in as little as 10 minutes
  • Free advice from tax professionals is available via phone, live chat, and email

File Your 2007 Return

Filing late taxes is a lot easier than most people assume. All you have to do to get started is create an account and then just follow the instructions. Once you’ve entered all of the relevant information into the PriorTax application, it will automatically fill out your return as well as any other forms you need to file.

If you have a question or need advice you can contact one of our tax professionals, who will be happy to help you via phone, live chat, or email. They will also review your return before it’s filed to make sure everything looks accurate.

Unfortunately the IRS does not allow you to e-file prior year taxes, so at the end of the process you will have to print out your return, sign it, and mail it to the IRS.

Penalties and Interest

If you were supposed to get a refund you won’t be charged any penalties or interest. If you owe the IRS money, you may face a failure-to-file penalty, a failure-to-pay penalty, and interest. The only way to minimize these charges is to file as soon as possible, as they grow larger every day that your return goes unfiled.

Get Started

All in all it’s pretty simple. So don’t put it off for one more day. Create your account now and get right with the IRS.

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