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File 2014 Taxes Online

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Missed the tax deadline?
Don't worry! Prepare your late 2014 tax return now!

Start Your 2014 Tax Return

2014 tax returns cannot currently be E-Filed. You may still prepare a 2014 tax return online to file by mail. *

* The IRS does not allow electronic filing of prior year tax returns, and the deadline for 2014 electronic filing has passed on October 15, 2015. You may still prepare your 2014 taxes using our website. Once you submit a prior year tax return to us, one of our tax professionals will review your information and provide you with a printable version of your tax return to mail to the IRS.

Filing your 2014 taxes is simple with PriorTax! Here's why:

  • You don't need any confusing IRS forms. Once you create an account, enter your tax information and file in as little as 10 minutes.
  • You can reach out to our customer support team at any point throughout the process via phone, email or livechat. It's free!
  • Your tax return will be reviewed by our team. You will be notified about any errors or red flags and then have your return available for download.

How to begin your late 2014 tax return preparation:

Choose a unique username and password that you'll remember. Our easy-to-use application will prompt you to enter your tax information step by step. Once you are done, you can submit your 2014 return to be reviewed and made available to download.

Get your 2014 tax refund in just a few weeks:

After mailing your tax return to the IRS, you can expect to receive your refund in 4-8 weeks.

Penalties and Interest Fees:

Expecting a refund? No need to worry about IRS penalty fees. However, if you owe the IRS for 2014, penalty fees increase each day. Filing sooner rather than later is always best!

Questions or concerns?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of tax pros via free live chat, phone or email support!

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