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File 2017 Taxes Online

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File your late 2017 taxes with PriorTax. Finish your return in just 10 minutes.

Start Your 2017 Tax Return

2017 tax returns cannot currently be E-Filed. You may still prepare a 2017 tax return online to file by mail. *

* The IRS does not allow electronic filing of prior year tax returns, and the deadline for 2017 electronic filing has passed on October 15, 2018. You may still prepare your 2017 taxes using our website. Once you submit a prior year tax return to us, one of our tax professionals will review your information and provide you with a printable version of your tax return to mail to the IRS.

Did you miss the 2018 tax deadline?

  • File your 2017 taxes online by paper-filing your prior year return.
    Returns filed through us are considered to be self-prepared. Paper filed returns must be signed and mailed by the taxpayer. If you have a tax due, you can use us to set up a payment plan with the IRS.
  • Get basic tax advice, free of charge.
    All you need to do is contact our customer support team, they’re here to answer your basic tax questions while you’re completing your account online. Feel free to ask us any questions during our business hours.
  • Our website supports your specific tax situation.
    We can process most IRS forms like W-2s, self-employment Schedule C's, rental income Schedule E's, itemized deductions and many more to ensure that your tax situation is accounted for, whether you only have one form or numerous forms.
  • For more complex returns, you have options.
    You can set up a personal phone consultation with one of our tax experts. We offer Professional Review and CPA review as additional services. We also provide audit protection for your peace of mind.
  • Your customer experience is important to us.
    Our tax team welcomes your feedback from phone calls, emails, live chat and public reviews in order to make our user-friendly site simple for you.

How to file your 2017 tax return

Register for an account by creating an easy to remember username and password. Next, enter your tax information. Our website makes it easy for you to enter income, deductions, and will even let you know if you qualify for any credits. Finally, submit your account so you can receive a PDF form of your tax return, so you can print, sign and mail it to the IRS. It’s that simple!

Important Dates to Remember

  1. January 1st, 2018 was the first day to start your tax return with PriorTax.
  2. January 29th, 2018 marks the first day you can e-file your 2017 tax return.
  3. April 17th, 2018 was the last day to file your individual federal and state tax returns or extensions without IRS penalties accumulating.
  4. October 15th, 2018 was the e-file and extension deadline. After this day, the 2017 tax year becomes a prior year, so you must paper-file your return.

Our staff is here to help with your 2017 taxes

Our team of tax experts can assist you through phone, email, or live chat support!

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