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Start your 2023 tax return online and submit it for e-file.*

The IRS begins accepting electronically filed returns mid-January. You can continue to e-file until October 15, 2024. Prepare your 2023 tax return online by creating an account, entering your tax information and submitting it for e-file.

Here’s what you need to know about using Priortax:

  • You may easily file your taxes electronically.
    Simplify your tax season with the convenience of e-filing! The IRS now accepts electronic filing (e-file) for tax returns from the current tax year, 2023, and the two preceding years, 2022 and 2021. No more filling out paper forms and doing manual math thanks to our intuitive platform. Your refund or tax liability will be automatically calculated by our system as you input your tax information.
  • You can avoid going to the post office by filing electronically.
    Our user-friendly platform makes it straightforward to file your taxes online, saving you time and hassle. To e-file your taxes, all you have to do is sign up for an account, input your data, and then submit. It's easy as pie.
  • No need to rush.
    Whether you're a seasoned tax filer or new to the process, our step-by-step guidance ensures a seamless experience. With secure and accurate submission, you can rest easy knowing your taxes are in good hands.
  • Free basic tax help is available from us.
    Feeling overwhelmed by your tax obligations? Just shoot us a message, an email, or a phone call if you need any help entering your details. Help is at hand. Alternatively, you can pay for professional or CPA review services if you want a more thorough evaluation.

Important Tax dates:

  1. January 1, 2023 is the first day you can start on your 2023 tax return with us.
  2. Mid January 2024 is when the IRS starts accepting e-filed tax returns.
  3. April 18, 2024 is the last day to file, request a tax extension, and pay if you owe taxes to the IRS.
  4. October 16, 2024 is the tax extension deadline.
  5. November 14, 2024 is the last day that you can e-file your 2023 tax return in 2024.
  6. From November 15, 2024 to ~January 25, 2025; 2023 tax returns must be paper filed.
  7. E-filing of 2023 tax returns resumes on ~January 26, 2025
  8. November 14, 2025 is the last day that you can e-file your 2023 tax return in 2025.
  9. From ~November 15, 2025 to ~January 25, 2026, 2023 tax returns must be paper filed.
  10. E-filing of 2023 tax returns resumes on ~January 26, 2026
  11. On ~November 15, 2026, e-filing of 2023 tax returns will be closed for good.
  12. ~April 15, 2027 is the last day that you can claim your 2023 tax refund.

How to get started

To create a login and password, just choose your tax year from the drop-down option. Please provide your full name, SSN, mailing address, and other relevant details, as well as your filing status. Obtain your income statements so you may input your revenue sources. Subsequently, you can file for your expenses. We will inform you of the credits for which you are qualified. After that, you can e-file your tax return! Do not hesitate to contact our customer care representatives at any time for assistance.

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